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Strecker Agency Privacy Policy
We value our clients as well as our past clients and future clients.  We know your privacy means a great deal to you; therefore, we want to inform you of our policies for collecting, securing, sharing and use of your information the first time we do business with you. 
We do not sell our clients' information, nor do we release our client's information to anyone not authorized to receive it. 
We will share your information as permitted with the insurance companies we represent for the purpose of servicing your account(s) or to provide quotes. 
We do not share our clients' information within the companies we represent unless your insurance policy contract with us permits us to do so or you expressly authorize it or it is required or permitted by law for us to do so.
We use, collect, share information we need to conduct our business and to advise you of our products and services.  We may collect and retain several types of client information needed for such purposes.  The information we collect may be received from you or from applications for insurance, through in person or telephone interviews, from transactions with us-such as payment history, claims history, underwriting, etc.  Additional sources of information we use may come from organizations or consumer reporting agencies which may include your motor vehicle report (driving record), credit report (credit history) or CLUE report (claims history).
We use client information to underwrite policies, process claims, process billings, service accounts and offer you other insurance products that may be beneficial to your needs.
We share information about our experiences and transactions with you with your insurance company/companies.  We may also share client information with consumer reporting agencies and with other entities as needed to handle your claim and to protect against fraud and unauthorized transactions.
We protect our clients' information by maintaining safeguards.  We maintain procedural , physical and electronic safeguards.  We review our policies and practices regularly.
We, again, value our clients and our clients' privacy and do our best to protect it.